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Aug 23, 2013 7:00am EDT
known to swim up to mississippi river. most say it is the mouth of the bay. one thing you don't need to be concerned is getting attacked by a shark in chesapeake bay. there are parts of the world, chesapeake bay, they are uncommon there >> reporter: you don't need to worry about going in the bay? >> with the frequency, number of bull sharks going on, very infrequent, not going to be a problem. >> reporter: were you surprised? >> it happened in 2001. couple of fisherman, caught them, turned up at the mouth of the potomac. typically a couple every year. this is something going on. chesapeake bay is a highway of fish coming in from the ocean. they are there for food just like these sharks are coming for food. they are full of stipe bass. >> reporter: they are not hunting people? >> they are looking for fish. >> reporter: if you see one, what should you do? >> if you are at the beach and see a large shark, it would be in your best interest to go to the pool. >> reporter: i am with you. [laughter]. >> we have 16 species of sharks in the lower bay. bay is important for sand bar sharks. it
Aug 20, 2013 7:00am EDT
million people talking about peace and justice and freedom. working in mississippi delta, it was lonely. you against the sheriff sometimes by yourself and a handful of people registered to vote. it was a way to reenforce our beliefs this could happen in america. we never dreamed we would have an african-american president. even the district of columbia being elected officials. d.c. officials were appointed by the government. they didn't vote for mayor, city council, any of those things. the march changed washington and america for the better. >> thing that struck me, power of not feeling alone. >> a absolutely. in america, you need help. you have to convince a bunch of people whatever you believe in is important so they can help you make the change. that is what march in washington represented. from that we get '64 -- civil rights act and '65 voting rights act. as a result of this march, march on washington then montgomery march. >> i want you to speak about the importance of children and being part of the march? >> first time i went to jail i was a young man. i am pleased to say i am b
Aug 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
the forecast for southern mississippi. that is not good news for >>> over the weekend. manuel bojorquez is in gulf port, mississippi. manuel good morning to you. >> . >> reporter: good morning to our viewers out west. the threat remains to the florida panhandle. with the ground saturated, residents are keeping a watchful eye on the gulf. they are concerned about what a tropical storm or hurricane this season could mean. like much of the southeast, gulf port has been pounded by record rainfall, getting nearly 5 inches in 2 hours at one point. that caught people off guard. twenty-two streets here were flooded. downtown businesses are cleaning up from as much as 18 inches of water now, of course, gulf port and the gulf coast are no strangers to heavy rainfall; but residents here say the recent storms flooded parts of the city that didn't flood during hurricane katrina back in 2005. charlie and gale? . >> manuel thanks. >> if police officers arrest you, do they have the right to search your smartphone. the obama administration believes the answer is yes. however two federal courts
Aug 19, 2013 7:00am PDT
. >> heavy rain brought flash floods to parts of the gulf coast this weekend. gulf port mississippi is swamped. and flooding caused schools to be canceled today in three florida counties. more rain is in the forecast. >> >>> good morning. got a few clouds around the bay area this morning. so far it is quiet. this afternoon could get interesting. possibility of isolated thunderstorms around the bay area. looking back towards san francisco a little hazy and dense fog. low pressure spinning off the coastline. it is going to sit there the next few days and keep things unsettled through wednesday. red flag warnings up in the mountain tops. up into the 90s. >>> that national report sponsored by the new thriller in theaters august 28th. >>> new questions this morning about the death of princess diana. >> reporter: good morning, charlie, gayle. there have been conspiracy theories about the death of princess diana and dodi fayed in that paris car crash since it happened. police here in scotland yard are admitting they are actually looking into the latest allegation that the death was caused
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4